Media & Advertising

Minami Group is continuously working on making new campaigns and materials to market and advertise our premium products on Social Media and Specialty T.V Channels across North America. Some of our work include introduction of Recipes for the most authentic Middle Eastern dishes. 

Here is glimpse of our work recently.

Vegetable Stew

A complete and yet very short video of making the most popular persian dish called “Ghorme Sabzi". 

TAJ Basmati Rice

A simple 30 second Branding video which was made to target the Persian audience on social media and google targeting ads. A very successful campaign with over 70K view in GTA.

Saffron Rice Pudding

Another short peice of video marketing for Ramadan Promotions for TAJ Foods.

Red Bean Stew

Khorak Lubia AKA Red Bean Stew is a protein rich dish that's both easy to make and special in taste. What we Persians love the most about it though is how it reminds us of our childhood memories of warm summer evenings, coming back home to a hot fresh dish of Khorak Lubia after a day of playing with the neighbourhood kids. Times when everything was much simpler.

Yellow Split Pea Stew

Gheymeh is arguably the second most favourite stew of all Iranians. First is Ghormeh Sabzi, we showed you how to make that now we'll make Gheymeh. Usually Gheymeh is made with minced meat but some like it with ground meat either way it is delicious! You can watch the video for all of the steps!

TAJ Supreme Sella Rice

A 20 sec teaser for our Supreme Sella Basmati Rice ! Was used aggressively to target Middle Eastern Community in social media.